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Heavy Duty Metal Detector Case - Medium

Heavy Duty Metal Detector Case - Medium

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Heavy Duty Metal Detector Case - Safeguard Your Machine in Style!

Unleash your gold prospecting passion without a worry in the world. Say goodbye to the nail-biting fear of damaging your precious detector during rough trips or the frustration of disorganized gear. Golden Knight presents a heavy-duty metal detector case that's not just tough – it's your ultimate ally in always protecting your metal detector, no matter where you go!

💪 Super tough shock proof construction
💰 Protects your valuable Metal Detector
✨ Customisable design, Organise your gear exactly as you want!
🛻 Multiple handles and castor wheels for easy transport
💧 IP67 dust & waterproof
🔒 Easy clip latches & able to be locked

Protection That Speaks Volumes

Feel invincible as your detector rests snugly within a fortress of foam designed for its safety. IP67 waterproof and dust resistant, it scoffs at rain and bull dust! The shockproof case ensures your detector remains in pristine condition!

Craft Your Perfect Setup

Imagine the bliss of an organized gear haven. The Pluck & Pull foam turns chaos into a symphony of order. No more forgotten accessories; it's a setup that screams readiness. Just grab your case and go bush!

On-the-Go Confidence

Feel the ease and peace of mind as you transport your detector wherever adventure calls. From ute trays to roof racks, our case's tough design won’t feel a thing to unwanted knocks and beatings on those tough tracks!

Security at Its Core

Bid farewell to the fear of theft, or even just curious kids. The lockable case ensures your detector remains safely tucked away, far from prying hands.

Tailored Toughness

Designed for a wide range of detectors, it’s a sturdy, custom fit. Say goodbye to worries about compatibility that narrow cases don’t offer. Check out our full guide below on which detectors fit our cases.

Easy Handling

Embrace the robustness of the built in handle, quick-snap latches and built-in castor wheels making it super easy to move your case around. Don’t worry about lugging a heavy case, simply just pull it and let the wheels do the work! Also great if you need to transport your detector on an aeroplane!

Why Choose Golden Knight?

Golden Knight isn’t just a manufacturer; we're prospecting enthusiasts devoted to safeguarding your metal detector. Why? Because we know how much it sucks to damage one!

Beyond our cases, our comprehensive guide empowers you to create a custom setup. Tested with top-tier Minelab detectors, our reliability is proven and compatibility guaranteed! When you choose Golden Knight, you join a community driven by a shared love of seeking adventures and finding treasure! We can’t wait to help more people get outside and enjoy life more with less worries!

This is When The Real Adventures Begin!

Don’t settle for compromises. Elevate your prospecting game with Golden Knight’s Heavy Duty Metal Detector Case. Invest in protection, organization, and the freedom to explore the outback fearlessly!
Picture your dreams. Grab your detector. Embark on your golden adventure!

Which Case Will Fit My Detector?

Our Large Case (Inner Dimensions: 1120 x 465 x 180mm)

-GPX 7000 (Coil & upper shaft separated)
-GPX 6000
-GPX 5000 (Coil & lower shaft separated)
-SDC 2300
-Equinox 700 & 900
-Equinox 600 & 800 (Coil Separated)
-GM1000 (Upper shaft separated)
-Many other machines will fit this case. Make sure you measure and ensure it fits well within the listed inner dimensions. You will need a border of 2cm to ensure the inner foam will accommodate.

Our Medium Case (Inner Dimensions: 930 x 356 x 152mm)

-GPX 6000 - (Coil separated from shaft)
-Manticore (Coil separated)
-GPX 5000 - (Shaft off, Control Box off, Coil Off)
-SDC 2300
-Equinox 700 & 900 (Coil Separated)
-Equinox 600 & 800 - (Coil Separated & Lower Shaft Separated)
-GM1000 - Shafts folded down into 3 pieces
-Many other machines will fit this case. Make sure you measure and ensure it fits well within the listed inner dimensions. You will need a border of 2cm to ensure the inner foam will accommodate.

Outer Dimensions
Large Case - 1190 x 530 x 210mm
Medium Case - 978 x 419 x 173mm

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is calculated with Australia Post. Standard transit times are 2 - 8 days & express 1 - 4 days.

If the product is damaged or faulty, returns can be made within 30 days :)

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