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Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro Hand Dredge

Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro Hand Dredge

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🌟 Discover Untouched Gold With The Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro Hand Dredge!🌟


πŸ”„ Totally submersible design for mining placer gold from valuable creeks and streams.

🌊 Patented valve design eliminates clogging and spitting, ensuring smooth forward flow.

β˜• Equipped with exclusive tried and true leather suction cups for reliable performance.

πŸš€ Three included nozzles for versatile use:

1. Sniper Nozzle with "Rock Block" for reaching into cracks and crevices
2. Bulk Sand Nozzle for quick drawing of sand and 2 mesh material
3. Classifier Nozzle filters sticks and leaves, capturing material 8 mesh and smaller

πŸ“ Legal Hand dredge measures 30 inches long before attaching any nozzle; plus an 8-inch extension included for extended reach.


What Makes The X-Stream Hybrid Pro Hand Dredge The Best Placer Gold Tool On The Market?

Smooth Flow Design 🌊: Experience smooth and continuous gold prospecting with the X-Stream Hybrid Pro's innovative design. Say goodbye to clogging and spittingβ€”its patented valve system ensures a consistent forward flow, making your mining experience hassle-free and efficient.

All-Inclusive Kit 🎁: Embark on your gold prospecting journey fully equipped with the X-Stream Hybrid Pro's comprehensive kit. From hoses to specialty nozzles and a convenient bucket with lid, this all-inclusive package provides everything you need for successful gold prospecting adventures.

Extended Reach πŸ“: Navigate challenging bedrock and reach distant spots with confidence using the X-Stream Hybrid Pro's extended length. With its additional 8-inch extension, this hand dredge offers enhanced capability, allowing you to explore deeper sections of the creek to unearth better deposits of gold.

Legal Dredge Operation πŸ”„: Continuously operate your hand dredge for as long as you physically can by pumping the handle! You can suck up as much pay dirt as you want, ALL completely legally in all states! This product is classified as a hand tool and thus isn’t restricted by any Australian laws.

Versatile Nozzles πŸš€: Adapt to various prospecting scenarios with ease using the X-Stream Hybrid Pro’s versatile nozzles. Whether you're exploring tight crevices or filtering out debris, the included specialty nozzles cater to different conditions, enhancing your prospecting capabilities and maximizing your finds.


πŸ›’ Ready to start your gold prospecting adventure? Purchase your X-Stream Hybrid Pro Hand Dredge now and start planning the best spots in the creek for you to go and explore!

Embark on your journey to uncover hidden deposits with the Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro Hand Dredge. With its efficient design, uninterrupted operation, and versatile functionality, this hand dredge is your trusted companion for successful gold prospecting adventures. Don’t let your secret spot get raided - Get one of these today!


List of Components (14)

Pump & Bucket (6)
-Pump Chamber
-Pump Handle
-7.5 Litre Bucket
-6ft Hose
-Bucket Lid with 2 Pre-Cut Holes
-Information Booklet

Fittings (3)
-Fitting #1: Connector - Pump Chamber to Hose
-Fitting #2: Barb Fitting - Bucket Lid to Hose
Please Note: This is no longer a 90 degree fitting to reduce blockages
-Fitting #3: Screw in Fitting to Attach Nozzles to Pump

Nozzle Pack (5)
-Sniper Nozzle
-Bulk Sand Nozzle
-8 Mesh Classifier - Adds on to Bulk Sand nozzle
-8” Extender
-Extender Coupling



  • Dimensions: 30" length (without nozzle), with 8" extension.

  • Weight: Lightweight and portable.

  • Material: Durable PVC construction.

  • Submergibility: Totally submersible design.

  • Valve System: Patented design eliminates clogging and spitting.

  • Included Accessories: 6-foot hose, 7.5 litre bucket with lid, three specialty nozzles.

  • Additional Features: Versatile nozzles, extended reach, field-replaceable valve gasket.

  • Application: Ideal for gold prospecting in creeks and streams.

  • Compatibility: Any user can physically operate this tool completely legally.

  • Warranty: Manufacturer warranty included.

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