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Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator - Patented Original

Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator - Patented Original

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You worked hard to get your gold so why let any of it get away?

The world famous blue bowl leads the race in gold concentration technology. This water and gravity centrifuge technology has the ability to separate the finest of gold from accompanying black sands.

How it works?
Water swirls in the Blue Bowl with water pressure provide by a hose. Water carries lighter material to the surface then expels it through the center hole leaving GOLD at the bottom of the blue bowl.

What’s included:

  • Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator

  • Water Control Valve with Washer

  • Wire Leg Kit to stabilise on a bucket

  • Instructions

Ideal set ups will feature a leg leveller kit to ensure even weight distribution to achieve the perfect level.
A small bilge pump to create a recirculating system so that you can treat your water and break the surface tension. The last thing you want is for your GOLD to float away! Blue bowl leg leveller kit and bilge pump are sold separately.

Blue bowl leg leveller kit and bilge pump are sold separately.

This Blue Bowl is covered by an international patent protecting the copyright of it’s design. You will not find another legal version of this product.

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If the product is damaged or faulty, returns can be made within 30 days :)

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