Unleash Your Gold Prospecting Potential with the Pro Camel 18" & 24" Wheels

Unleash Your Gold Prospecting Potential with the Pro Camel 18" & 24" Wheels

Introduction: Gold panning is an exhilarating but physically demanding activity. If you've ever spent hours manually panning buckets of concentrates, you know the toll it takes on your body. Not to mention the gold that slips away unnoticed. Fortunately, there's a solution that revolutionizes the way we recover gold: the Pro Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine. Designed to capture more gold in less time, this remarkable machine is available in two wheel sizes: 18" and 24". Let's explore the features and benefits of these advanced gold panning machines.

Efficiency and Increased Gold Recovery: The Pro Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machines are a game-changer for both beginners and seasoned prospectors. By automating the panning process, these machines save you from the arduous task of panning by hand and ensure consistent results. The large spiral wheels of the Pro Camel machines enable you to process more gold faster than with smaller wheels. In fact, they increase your gold recovery effectiveness by an astounding factor of 50 compared to traditional hand panning.

A Legacy of Excellence: The Pro Camel series builds upon a rich history of gold panning technology pioneered by Angus Niccolls, the inventor of the Spiral Panning Machine. The lineage of these machines traces back to the original Little Camel, a portable and lightweight gold panning machine that quickly gained popularity within the small mining community. Over the years, the design was refined, leading to the creation of the Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine, which has become the market's leading spiral gold panning machine. Responding to the demand for a larger capacity machine, Camel Mining Products, Inc. introduced the Pro Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine, featuring a 12-volt battery operation and the ability to process an incredible 400 pounds of placer sand per hour using the 24" wheel.

Outstanding Features: The Pro Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machines come packed with features that enhance their performance and make them exceptionally user-friendly. These include:

  1. Unique 2-Stage Spiral Wheel: The innovative design incorporates 15 spiral riffles leading into an additional 5 spiral riffles in a second stage. This setup significantly improves gold recovery compared to standard single-stage wheels.

  2. Aqua-Jet Technology: The exclusive Aqua-Jet system ensures that the material remains in a slurry, allowing the gold to settle into the spirals effectively.

  3. Variable Speed Wheel Control & Adjustable Water Flow: Fine-tune the Pro Camel machine to match the characteristics of the material being processed, optimizing its gold recovery capabilities.

  4. Gear-Driven and Energy Efficient: The gear-driven drive unit operates smoothly, quietly, and conserves energy. It uses sealed ball bearings for reliable performance.

Compatibility and Flexibility: The Pro Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine is available with either an 18" or 24" wheel. Both versions are compatible with the same drive unit, offering flexibility and versatility to suit your specific needs. This means you can easily switch between wheels without requiring multiple drive units.

Unleash Your Gold Prospecting Potential: The Pro Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine is the culmination of over 40 years of spiral panning technology expertise. Its ability to process large volumes of material in a fraction of the time makes it a top choice for gold recovery enthusiasts. Whether you're a novice prospector or a seasoned veteran, the Pro Camel machines ensure that no gold goes unnoticed.

Conclusion: The Pro Camel 18" and 24" wheels revolutionize the gold panning experience, providing prospectors with a highly efficient and reliable gold recovery system. By automating the panning process, these machines eliminate the physical strain and significantly increase gold recovery rates

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